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 RovaScape Forum Rules

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PostSubject: RovaScape Forum Rules   RovaScape Forum Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jan 31, 2009 1:12 pm

Forum Rules

1) No offensive posts.

2) No Spamming.

3) No racist; religion kind of posts.

4) No flaming, which means offensive posts. Or if anyone has broken a rule, DO NOT POST offensive things to him, just simply hit "Report to Moderator" button.

5) No "Bumping" continuously, you will receive an infraction for it.

6) Do not make unaccepted thread names like: OMGFDDZFDZSFSD READ NAO!!!!!?!?!?!@?.//

7) Do not make simple meaningless posts, please provide details and information whilst your posts. Every post must be a meaningful post. This goes for suggestions and introductions, such as saying "I SUPPORSTSTS" OR "WELCMOEMSOMEOS" without anything else; is considered spam.

Cool Do not make offensive PMs, if caught; you will receive an infraction, remember; PMs can be reported as well.

9) Do not make REPEATED OFFENSIVES, if warn for done something wrong, you will receive A BIGGER INFRACTION then usual.

10) Do got grave-dig topics, which means posting on a VERY OLD, useless topic, please refrain from it as much as you can, you may receive an infraction.

11) Do NOT double post, have something to add? Just edit your old post that you made.

12) Do not advertise any RSPS/Communities, only if there is a section for it.

13) Read all stickied topics in any board, before posting; making sure that you are ready to post.

14) This also records in GFX section, no stealing/leeching ANYthing from ANYbody.

15) No posting warez/infected items. Make sure you post a picture scan before posting anything DLable.

16) Please post in the correct section, do not post in any random section.
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RovaScape Forum Rules
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